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Music Poker is a game that is usually played at a venue such as a pub or restaurant on a weekly basis.

After establishing the demographic (age/genre) of the patrons, the game host chooses from over 70 categories and gives each patron a playsheet with 5 poker hands printed on it. Although every playsheet has the same kind of poker hands (4 of a kind, full house, etc), every playsheet is unique and every poker hand is unique. Printed on each playsheet is the title and artist of a popular song relevant to the chosen category. For example, the Two of Diamonds may have "Rasputin" printed on it, and when the Two of Diamonds appears anywhere on any playsheet, it will be the same song.

The host plays songs at random, if any player finds the song on their playsheet, they mark it with their custom labelled poker marker. The first player to "make" a poker hand (marks all five cards) wins a prize and that "hand" is eliminated from play for all other players.

The host usually presents 3 or 4 different games during a show, each game lasting about 35-45 minutes. Click here if you wish to see a short video on how to play...

Although this explains the basic game, there are many other aspects that make Music Poker unique!

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